April 15, 2022: Our Lady of Assumption Church Hiriyur, Chitradurga District, Diocese of Shimoga held a Good Friday Service to commemorate the life, passion and death of Lord Jesus Christ.

At 10:30am, Parish Priest Fr Franklin D'Souza and Assistant Parish Priest Fr Alphonse Nelson D'Souza led the meaningful way of the Cross in the Church campus. Each station of the cross was meaningfully explained by Fr Franklin D'Souza and he invited the faithful to experience reconciliation through the Cross of Jesus. The Assumption choir meaningfully sang the hymns. At the end Fr Alphonse Nelson D'Souza sang the Latin hymn "Parche Domino (Spare us Lord) " meaningfully.

Afternoon at 3pm, Liturgy of the Word, General Prayers of the Church, Adoration of the Cross and Communion service were held. Fr Alphonse Nelson D'Souza led the service and Fr Franklin D'Souza accompanied the service.

In his homily Fr Franklin D'Souza spoke on "Lord Jesus by dying on the Cross turned the Shame of the Cross into Glory". He said that the Cross is the symbol of love, hope and victory. We too can achieve by obeying as Jesus obeyed. He said Without Good Friday there is no Easter Sunday. Without suffering there's no glory. Jesus taught us how to accept suffering and win over it. Through the cross we get courage and strength. This Good Friday, we all experience the greatest love of our Lord Jesus Christ who redeemed us from the clutches of bondage and sin, said Fr Franklin.