Hiriyur, November 29, 2022: On November 26th,2022 Assumption School, Hiriyur of Diocese of Shimoga, celebrated its Annual Day at Assumption School Grounds Hiriyur from 5:30pm to 10pm.

At 5:30pm Traditional welcome was given to His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Francis Serrao Sj, Bishop of Diocese of Shimoga as well as President of Mount Carmel Education Society & SMSSS Diocese of Shimoga at the entrance.Then all the dignitaries were escorted with Band-set to the stage. Mr. D. Sudhakar Ex minister as well as Ex MLA was the Chief guest. There were around 4200 people who watched and enjoyed each moment of the programme.

Teachers, Mr. Raghavendra and Mrs. Shobha compered the programme. Rev Fr. Nelson D'Souza, Head Master of English High School welcomed all. Dignitaries inaugurated the Annual Day by pouring watering the plant.

School report was delivered by Mr. Henry Crasta, Head Master of Kannada High School.

Othet guests; Mr Alur Hanumantharayappa, the President of Taluk Newspaper Association, Mr. Nagendra Nayak, Alumni of Assumption School as well as Former member of Zilla panchayath spoke about the quality Education about Assumption School. Both of them appreciated the commitment and dedication of the management as well as teachers. They named the achievements of the students studied in Assumption School. Fr Franklin D'Souza, Manager and Corresspondent of the Assumption School, honoured both of them with shawl, garland and a momento.

Mr. D Sudhakar, the former MLA and present DCC bank President congratulated Assumption School for its dedicated yeomen service to the Hiriyur. He narrated the foresight of the dedicated Priests and Sisters as well as teachers who dedicated themselves in educating the Children. He promised amount of Three Lakhs for the students who fare well in studies as token of encouragement.



























Bishop Francis Serrao SJ together with Fr Franklin D'Souza, Manager and Corresspondent, Fr Nelson D'Souza, HM of AEHS honoured Mr. D. Sudhakar with shawl, garland, Mysore Peta and with a momento.

Bishop Francis Serrao SJ, in his Presidential adress told that we are existing for others. We are called to love, serve and to uplift the poor and downtrodden through selfless sacrifice and commitment. He appreciated Students their parents and dedicated staff and management. Bishop was honoured by Fr Franklin D'Souza, Manager and Corresspondent together with Fr Nelson D'Souza, HM of AEHS, Mr. Henry Crasta, HM of AKHS, Sr. Martha, HM of AEHPS and Sr. Alwyn, HM of AKHPS.

Rev. Fr Franklin D'Souza, Manager and Corresspondent of Assumption schools told that when we are united we can achieve greater heights. Success comes through by working together for a common goal. Our goal is to give value based education and form good citizens. He thanked the people of Hiriyur for their love and encouragement he said that he has received by the people of Hiriyur as their own family member. He thanked God for blessing Hiriyur with good rains and also mentioned about blessing of Vanivilaasa Sagara Dam. He concluded his speech with a blessing prayer for all those who gathered for Annual Day. Bishop Francis Serrao SJ honoured Fr Franklin D’Souza on behalf of the staff and students.

Other guests of the programme were Mrs. Madala Maria, Councillor 26th ward, Hiriyur. Sr. Jude SAB, Superior of St. Anne's Church Convent, Hiriyur. Rev. Fr K. A. George, Dean of Holy family Deanery and Parish Priest of Infant Jesus Church, Challakere. They were felicitated by the Bishop.

Sr. Alwyn, HM of Kannada Primary School proposed the Vote of thanks.

Then colourful Cultural Bonanza unfurled one after the other, 17 of them. Around 650 students exhibited thier talents and rocked the stage and the audience watched spell-bound till the last second. Students themselves were The Masters of Ceremony. Every Dance and dumb act carried a theme with a message to the younger and older generation.The main theme of school day was 'WHEREVER OR WHOEVER YOU ARE, BE A HUMAN FIRST'. 'ಎಲ್ಲಾದರೂ ಇರು, ಎಂತಾದರು ಇರು, ಮೊದಲು, ನೀ ಮಾನವನಾಗಿರು'.

Program concluded at 10pm


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