My name is Wilfred Cutinha , I'm from Mangalore, Kulur Parish. Im diabetes and sugar patient. On october 2017 i got an wound on my right foot, that wound was there upto two months and infection had gone till bone. I was hospitalised for one and half month. Wound got cured in medicine without amputing even small piece of bone. In the mean time my eye sight became blur, I got diabetic retinopathy, that also got cured in medicine. After discharge doctor told me 'God has responded'. After one month of discharge i got back pain and i went for test to find out what was it. I got kidney urinary infection because of medicines . That also got cured in treatment. I was an alcoholic addict from many years. Now I completely stopped Alcohol. Thank you Jesus Christ for hearing our prayers. Thank you Jesus Christ for curing me. Now  mine and my family members faith in God has increased. Praise the Lord.