Testimony by Juliana John Dsouza (Sister of Fr Franklin D’Souza) from Kuwait about her husband Mr. John Dsouza (58) and how Jesus brought him back from a death bed from Covid -19:

28 Days journey of my life:

On 2nd October, 2020 my husband complained of having a headache and feeling weak followed by a fever and shivering. I had taken him to the clinic and had him treated for that but the fever had not come down so I decided to take him to the hospital. They had taken a chest X-ray and had told it was a mild chest infection and the doctor changed the antibiotic tablets and had sent us home.

There were no signs of improvement on 5th October 2020, later that day I had taken him to a private hospital they too had taken a chest X-ray and diagnosed him with pneumonia and doubting Covid 19 and treated him for the same, but the fever had not come down.

On 6th October 2020, I had again taken him to a private hospital and I insisted them to start antibiotic injections. That night my husband was stable and the fever had decreased, next day too I had taken him for the antibiotic injections.

On 8th October as I had taken him for his last antibiotic injection and the doctors had noticed a low saturation and had told to take him to a govt. hospital for further treatment, the same night I had taken him to Farwaniya hospital covid casualty, they had taken a chest X-ray and had told that his lungs are badly affected and had admitted him to the hospital and had taken a covid-test. The next day the report came positive soon after that I had done my covid-test which also came positive. He was in the hospital bed and I was at home quarantined for 14 days.






He was on continuous oxygen and complete bed rest since he was diabetic and had blood pressure they were treating him for all. On 10th October his oxygen level dropped and they had shifted him to the ICU ward and had put him on high oxygen and prone position. The doctors said that his oxygen level became normal but his breathing had become fast, so they kept him in a prone position whole day but breathing was not normal and on 11th October at 2 AM they had put him on ventilator.

I didn’t know what to do and how to convey the news to my two sons who were away from me one in Canada and one in India. I had called my brother Fr. Franklin D’Souza he prayed every day over the phone and told me not to worry have faith in Jesus and I was continuously praying day and night just to return my husband’s life back and Fr. Franklin told me to keep reciting these words Isaiah 40:10; “Do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand”.

I was reciting these words every now and then, day and night, these words were really consoling me and made me stay strong and my whole family supported me from Kuwait and from India Fr. Franklin had told me take courage Jesus is with you, as you promised in marriage in good times and bad times, just keep saying Jesus heal my husband, Mother of Perpetual Succour will intercede and he asked me to pray and he too was praying.

Whenever I called the doctor he said John is responding well to the medication only his lungs were unresponsive, but I kept praying Jesus please breathe into my husband’s lungs and heal him. Next day there was much improvement in his lungs.

On 14th October they had shifted him to Mishref field hospital as he was rapidly healing and there were shortage of hospital beds and continued to be on ventilator there and no one was allowed to go there except the medical staff, I was really depressed and didn’t know what to do, I only prayed to God to do a miracle and save my husband.

But in ICU when he was on ventilator I had told Fr. Franklyn to send a voice message to my husband and one of my colleagues Mr. Tizo who was working in the same ICU had kept the phone near my husband’s ears so he can hear the voice message, all the staff in the hospital were shocked at his recovery as if it was a miracle, no one has recovered so fast as he was out of ventilator within 9 days only.

On 16th October they tried to remove his ventilator but he was unable to breath by his own, so they had put him on ventilator again and had given him two more days to recover and on 19th October when they removed the ventilator he automatically started breathing. It was a miracle done by Jesus and the next day they shifted him to the ward.  He showed much improvement day by day but was unable to walk due to weakness soon after they started his physiotherapy and he slowly gained strength and was able to walk with the help of his walker and got discharged on 28th October 2020.

I am thankful to all my relatives, friends and colleagues who helped me get through this and prayed for us, I specially thank my brother Fr Franklin D’Souza who constantly gave me confidence, each stage he prayed for my husband with the powerful Word of God. I also thank all prayer groups who prayed for my husband day and night.

Now my husband is fully recovered going for his work.

Praise the Lord, all Glory and Honor to Jesus my Lord and God! Alleluia

-Mrs. Juliana John Dsouza
Staff Nurse – Kuwait


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