May 10, 2016: I am Mrs. Shanti D'Souza and my husband is Mr. Denis D'Souza. We were married in 2002. We were living in Kalina,  Mumbai. I had four miscarriages. I was craving for a baby. When we left all hope, we then adopted a baby girl.

After much prayers, I was blessed with the promise of Psalm 127:3 "Children are indeed heritage of the Lord and gift of womb is given by God". Since there was complications in my pregnancy,  I visited four doctors but everyone adviced me to abort the baby and give up my pregnancy. I came to know there are twins in my womb. My health was deteriorating. This pregnancy would cost my life. Medically I was strongly recommended to terminate the pregnancy and save my life. This time my family members gave Fr. Franklin D'Souza ' s number. When I called him. He prayed over me and gave me courage not to go for abortion. He said life belongs to God, no one has the right to kill life. On his advice and his prayers strengthened me and my faith in the Lord Jesus. I claimed healing and Deliverance in Jesus Name. Wisdom of Solomon 16:12 says; "they were healed not by herb or poulitice but by the Word of God".  Fr. Franklin D'Souza gave me many biblical promises and said keep my hands on womb and pray in Jesus Name. Whenever I called him he prayed over me with conviction. He gave me hope in Jesus Name.






After four months of my pregnancy i had severe pain and bleeding. Even my parents adviced me not to keep the pregnancy because they couldn't see their daughters suffering. Even my family members adviced me the same.

Doctors advised me two months complete bed rest. It was a agony I underwent. Yet faith in Lord Jesus kept me strong.

Since my health was deteriorating, i was admitted to the hospital. My family members reached Mumbai. They were continuously calling Fr. Franklin D'Souza and he was giving hope and courage. After 6 months 8 days, due to my health conditions on August 10th 2015 baby's were operated and removed. They kept them in incubator for three months. I and my family members kept in touch with Fr. Franklin D'Souza. He sought  powerful intercession from his group which saved my life and my babies too. All glory to my saviour Jesus.

I promised Lord Jesus that I will testify this miracle in Fr. Franklin D'Souza ' s retreat. Still I am waiting for that day. On May 6th 2015; on the way back from Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor Kerala Fr. Franklin D'Souza surprised us.....he came to meet his friend at Permannur. ...since I called him and told my desire to meet him personally and get blessings for me and my twins. Lord Jesus brought him to my house and he blessed me, my twins and my parents. We were all in tears Fr. Franklin smiled and said Praise Jesus, don't give up faith. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.





Praise you Jesus.
Thank you Jesus
Love you Jesus


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